Why we use steam with every buggy clean

We guarantee to steam clean your buggy or baby equipment with every clean. But why do we feel it’s such an integral part of our six step cleaning process? Let us tell you.

For starters, steam cleaning is a really gentle yet powerful way to get fabrics looking as good as new. It’s particularly good for use on delicate materials or those that cannot be machine washed. Steam cleaning removes lingering odours and helps to keep fabrics feeling fresh.

Most importantly, steam kills most germs – 99.99% in fact! The high heat used when steaming means bacteria is literally blasted away. This is why it works so well on material but all other parts of the buggy too, seatbelt buckles and handlebars, and pretty much all other baby equipment.

Steam goes along way in removing the toughest mould growth and helps prevent regrowth – though on occasions we may need something a little stronger to tackle really stubborn stains.

If you’re worried about allergies, steaming also removes allergens, clears away trapped pollutants, and eliminates dust mites, which in turn limits any allergic reactions with using the equipment.

We also love steam cleaning for it is gentle on buggies but also on the environment. Steam is nothing more than heat and water so is chemical-free and non-polluting, and water consumption of the steamer is low.  

Want to know more about our six step cleaning process read this or feel free to ask us.