Our five buggy accessory must-haves for you and your baby

Life with a little one can sometimes mean a simple trip to the supermarket feels like a military operation. There are 101 things to pack for just as many ‘just in case’ scenarios, so, understandably, it can feel quite daunting when leaving the house. Thankfully, there are a lot of products out there to help make your trip out a lot less stressful.

Here are our top five buggy accessory must-haves.

#1 Stroller organiser

It sometimes feels like you have to pack up half the house when embarking outside with your baby and finding your wallet, keys, phone amongst the baby and toddler paraphernalia is a pain – why is it always in the last pocket you check?! Most stroller organisers are universal so will attach to almost all pushchairs and strollers, usually on the handlebars. With plenty of pockets to keep your essentials organised, it means no more rummaging in the changing bag when faced with a sudden need for a wipe. And, you’ll always know where your phone is!

#2 Cup holder

Oh coffee! The staple for any parent! Have you ever tried to push a stroller one-handed while sipping a scalding drink? A cup holder simply clips onto the pram so you can retain steering control while the drink cools in its secure holder. It also provides a nifty spot to place your baby’s bottle.

#3 Hand muff

Particularly useful if you have a baby that will only sleep in its pushchair. A stroller hand muff is fixed to the pushchair so you can pop your hands in out with ease. It’ll keep your hands warm and snuggly in the winter months without the bother of having to take gloves on and off every time you enter and leave a shop.

#4 Sunshade

Again perfect for a little ones who are partial to a stroller snooze. Shades provide a total blackout to aid sleep, but also sun and wind protection. A sunshade particularly shows its worth on sunny holiday in warmer climates.

#5 Buggy board

For parents or caregivers of two, a buggy board allows your toddler to take a rest from walking or standing by riding on the back of the baby’s buggy. Buggy boards fit the back of most pushchairs and provide a small and secure step, some even have a saddle seat. Also great for safe navigation through a busy town or across a road where you may normally have to push and hold a little person’s hand.

Looking after kids is a privilege, but it can make life rather chaotic, especially with more than one child to take care of. So anything that mitigates some of the stress that parenthood throws up and helps you to be more organised is a winner in our books.