Grubby buggy? Why have your pushchair professionally cleaned

If you’re wondering why you might need to enlist the services of a professional to clean your pushchair or pram, or any other baby equipment, then let us tell you.

Here are the top reasons for using a buggy valeting and baby equipment cleaning service. 

  1. You’re expecting baby number two or three, or perhaps even four or five, either way, the pram you had carefully stored in the loft or garage is smelling a little musty and not as fresh as you’d like for your new arrival. If it has been exposed to damp there may even be patches of mould. Yuk! 
  2. Perhaps your little one is growing up and is happy to walk but before you pack your pushchair away in the garage or loft you want it to be cleaned and ready for when it’s needed next.
  3. You have bought a buggy or crib second-hand and while it looks almost new, you’d like the peace of mind that it has been fully sanitised before your little one gets cosy in it.
  4. Maybe you no longer need your buggy and want to sell it on but wish to maximise the price you get for it. We can buff out scuff marks and shine tyres as well as freshening fabrics, so that your buggy looks almost as new as the day you bought it.
  5. Your pushchair just needs a good old clean from general use. Sticky and unsightly food and milk stains? Caked in mud? We’ll tackle it!
  6. Maybe you are returning from or going on a family holiday? Either way you want your pushchair cleaned and ready for your trip or want help removing sand and sun cream.
  7. Oh no! Disaster has struck and a poorly baby or nappy explosion means your baby equipment is in need of an emergency clean.
  8. You’re worried about what products you can use to clean your buggy. You want to ensure all germs and bacteria are eliminated but want to be careful not to damage it – the Buggy Valet is fully insured.
  9. You run a nursery or toddler group and have multiple items that need cleaning and quickly.
  10. Or you, quite simply, don’t have the time! There’s enough to be done and enough mess to clear up after as it is when you have a little one, so if help is on hand to clean your pushchair you will take it!

Whatever the reason, we – The Buggy Valet – are here to help! All buggies get our six step deep clean service. Book now.